Vision & Values

TUI GROUP is made up of a portfolio of brands with diverse cultures and international colleagues. We have one vision and a set of values, together known as ‘TUI Spirit’, which unite us and support us in delivering our goals.

Our Group vision is ‘Making travel experiences special’. It’s what we believe we are in business to do and it gives us a clear sense of purpose.

Our values support our vision. They are more than words, they are embedded into how we do things at TUI GROUP and are fundamental to the way in which we operate, helping us define the way we relate to our customers, shareholders, each other and the world at large. Each value has behaviours associated with it. The values are:

Customer Driven

“We respect our customers and never forget that they choose to spend their leisure time with us. We share a duty to maintain their loyalty and trust. We anticipate customers' desires and everything we do is with them in mind. We believe there is no such thing as mass market but a huge market of individuals.”
Responsible Leadership

“We are committed to sustainable development and to making a positive impact on society. We know leadership has to be earned and we never take it for granted. We communicate openly and easily and help each other develop and grow. We celebrate local differences and actively seek to contribute to a better world.”

Value Driven

“We share an infectious, entrepreneurial streak and a clear focus on the need for profitability. We look for opportunities that have a commercial advantage for us and add value to our customers' experience. We predict, translate and bring to market new leisure-time products based on their genuine appeal to customers.”

Playing to Win

“We are passionate about being the best and about winning with integrity. We seek the ideas and trends that change leisure-time markets for the better and move quickly to action them. We thrive on teamwork. We are not afraid of making brave decisions. We want to do something new every day and we love what we do.”

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